Does Khet contain actual Lasers?

Yes, the game employs two class II lasers which are lower in power than most laser pointers on the market, which are usually class III (for a real complicated explanation on laser classification feel free to click here. This means that although you still get the neat effect of firing a laser to bombard your opponent's pieces, you will not get the wow effect of seeing it melt or blow holes through the playing field.

What if my laser beam does not light up or the light is very dim?

Khet's laser beam requires sufficient battery power. Try putting new batteries in the game board. The lasers used in Khet are made to last over 5000 hours of continuous use and are most likely not the cause of your problem.

Is this just another strategy game that only dweebs, geeks, and nerds will enjoy?

No! Product testing shows that players of all ages find Khet easy to learn and fun to play. In fact "geeks" was the only group to give a 9 out of 10 on overall enjoyment, instead of the usual 10 out of 10 from all other groups, including swimsuit supermodels.

Can I pass on my turn?

No. According to the rules, your turn consists of moving or rotating a game piece and firing the laser. You can't skip your turn on a technicality by rotating the Pharaoh.

Can you actually see the path of the laser beam when you play?

While the lasers are bright enough to see where they hit even in full daylight, the beam itself is not visible on the playing field. However, with the addition of fog or smoke of any kind the beam can be made visible. Check back for more information related to added game effects in the future.

Will a beamsplitter expansion or tower be available for the new version?

A beamsplitter designed specifically for khet 2.0 will be available in the summer of 2011 so be sure to check back frequently for new product announcements!

I just purchased my new Khet 2.0 game and one of my Sphinx lasers does not work, what should I do?

Each Sphinx comes complete with the battery already installed. Prior to the initial use, a "pull tab" that energizes the battery must be removed. In rare cases, the "pull tab" can tear during removal and not allow the battery to become energized. Remove the battery cover, then the battery. Look for the presence of remnants of the torn "pull tab" and remove as necessary. Reinstall the battery and battery cover. If this doesn't not solve the problem contact us at info@khet.com.