MagCon Texas State Tournament April 13-14!

MagCon Texas State Tournament April 13-14!

Come test your skills against the other Texas Pharoahs in New Caney, Tx

Khet 2.0 Tournament
Owl Con 2013

Houston, TX — The Khet 2.0 tournament occurred at Owl Con 2013 on Saturday, February 16, 2013 with a total of eight participants. The tournament consisted of one round of using a round-robin format with the best two out of three games. Innovention Toys provided three Khet 2.0 games with the beam splitter expansion for the tournament prize support.

On Saturday afternoon, eight players faced off in a round-robin format, in which Damien Stone secured a first place, Cameron Barton secured second place, and Jasmien Pascoe secured third place . The tournament lasted four hours, and the results between the players were close that came down to the final round of the round robin to determine the winners of the tournament. All the players did well and demonstrated excellent sportsmanship.

The final placement for Owlcon 2013 is Damien Stone for first place, Cameron Barton for second place, and Jasmien Pascoe for third place. Each received a new copy of Khet 2.0, Beam Splitter Expansion for their placement in the tournament.

Tournament Results

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